Our 8" cakes are made up of three layers of freshly baked sponge, filled with jams, spreads and curds, and decorated with our own recipe vegan buttercream.  Marked for 12 slices.


Cupcakes are available in boxes of 24.



'Hot Chocolate', layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate spread and vanilla buttercream.  Topped with fluffy buttercream swirls, mini candy canes, chocolate sprinkles and a cocoa dusting. (Candy canes may not freeze well)


Gingerbread & Treacle, firey gingerbread sponge with crystalised ginger pieces, layered with a treacle buttercream and topped with mini gingerbread men.


Cookie Dough Reindeer, layers of vanilla and chocolate chip sponge sandwiched with edible cookie dough chunks and chocolate buttercream.  Decorated with mini reindeer faces with red sprinkle noses and chocolate antlers.

Christmas Special Large Cakes & Cupcakes