A tray of 12x rich and fudgy brownies or blondies


Banoffee Blondie

A white chocolate blondie with banana slices and swirls of caramel sauce


Peach Crumble Blondie

Full of peach pieces and an oaty, cinnamon sugar topping


Strawberry Shortcake Blondie

With swirls of strawberry jam, shortbread cookie pieces and freeze dried strawberries


'Nutella' Blondie

With vegan chocolate and hazelnut spread and crunchy chopped hazelnuts


Birthday Cake Blondie

Full of chocolate chips, vegan 'smarties' and rainbow sprinkles


Classic Chocolate Brownie

A fudgy chocolate brownie with 'milk', dark and white chocolate chips, topped with rainbow sprinkles


Sea salt brownie

A classic fudgy chocolate brownie with a sprinkling of sea salt


Black Forest Brownie

With baked cherry pieces, cherry jam and chocolate curls


Maple & Pecan Brownie

With swirls of maple syrup and caramelised pecan pieces


Oreo Brownie

Full of Oreo chunks and chocolate chips

Brownies & Blondies